Alannah Hill

01 . 10 . 2012


We are excited to welcome one of Australia’s most fabulous designers Alannah Hill to the AMPR family!

The iconic Australian fashion brand brings Alannah Hill’s humour, inspiration and wit together to create a chic, sassy and elegant brand instantly recognisable and absolutely unique.

Passionately feminine and playfully poised at the height of elegance, the Alannah Hill range is a wonderland of sexy chic made to satisfy every desire. Ranging from the darkly romantic to the frantically floral, a delirium of classic design – cheekily retro-cool yet fresh as the apple tree in the Garden of Eden. Frocks, coats, an occasional pant or heel, skirts, stockings and Alannah’s cute cardigans will light up a girl’s life with glamour, glitter and glow!

Today the Alannah Hill brand spans the high street with the cult of couture and has fanned out into boutiques nation-wide without ever compromising quality, originality and the ideals which inspired Alannah’s vision when she launched the brand almost seventeen years ago – bringing love, light and laughter to girls everywhere.

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