Sep 29

5 tips to improve your mindset when working from home

By Cheyenne Myers


Morning ME time

Start your day by dedicating time to YOU. Fill your cup by dialling up the self-care in the morning and start the day in surplus.

If you gain this positive overflow in the morning, you are less likely to end the day in the negative.

Write down a list of things that give you good vibes. From sipping tea in the sun, to a 5-minute guided meditation, playing with your kids or pet, dancing in the living room or watching the sun rise. When you wake up, simply pick something from the list to charge up your day.


Alleviate decisions

It is estimated the average adult makes 35,000 decisions per day, impairing our brain’s emotional response.

Start to simplify your day by following a routine or decreasing your options and don’t make decisions when you are tired or hungry.

Wake up at the same time every day, dedicate a regular exercise time, or click and collect your groceries. Only 34,997 decisions to go…


Prioritise and focus on the next step

Focus on what you must do TODAY and lower your expectations about the rest.

If you have a million things on your list, everything can feel equally important. When you land at your desk, kick off your morning by prioritising. Then focus on one task at a time…just start.

A change of scenery can also help with procrastination. So, pick a local café or park, or move to the dining table or the lounge room floor and dedicate yourself fully. No distractions.


Set boundaries

Bookend your day. Start with your morning routine and end with a circuit breaker. This helps you get OUT of your head and INTO the present, without letting the work day take over.

Remove temptations. Charge your phone in another room at night, or go for a walk without it each morning.

To wind down, it could be something simple yet symbolic like putting your laptop in a drawer or cupboard, turning up the music once you shut your laptop, lighting a candle or stretching

Working in a team? Lead by example. Prioritise your wellbeing and encourage it in others.


Take Breaks

Try schedule breaks throughout the day to boost your mood and BREATHE.

Take advantage of your most productive time of day to focus, then give extra thought to taking breaks when your energy and focus may waiver.

If you don’t have much time, take two-minute micro breaks to keep motivation high. 10 deep belly breaths, sit outside and taste your coffee or enjoy your snack with no distractions, call or text a friend, or play a song and have a quick stretch.

Walking and standing meetings also help to shift your posture and get you moving.


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