Jun 12

AMPR KNOWS… Breaking Through the Noise on Social Media

By Ebony


Social media marketing has proven essential and is now often a necessity in any marketing campaign. It is reported that 54% of consumers look to social media before making a purchase decision, so having a presence is now critical for many brands.


Without giving away all our secrets … here are some top tips to breaking through the noise in a saturated social media market. 




Before you set out, ALWAYS ask yourself ‘What do I want to achieve?’ and write down these objectives. They could be a number of different goals, including but not limited to: 

  • Reaching new consumers 
  • Creating community content to repurpose on your own channels
  • Appealing to new retailers
  • Drawing attention to elements of your business (eg. Sustainability measures)
  • Increasing your following


It’s also important to understand how your goals marry together to inevitably expand and engage your audience, therefore driving sales and business success. 

From a PR perspective, this also helps us to determine what success looks like to you and to align our visions. We want to make sure that we understand where you see your brand going and how we can work together to achieve this. 


Witchery’s White Shirt campaign  not only achieves awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Foundation, but also directly drives sales of their white shirt range to donate to the charity. 

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Sadly one woman dies every 8 hours in Australia from ovarian cancer. This is an alarming statistic and unlike breast and cervical cancers there is NO early detection test and no obvious symptoms, resulting in most women being diagnosed in the advanced stages of the disease. This year marks Witchery’s 12th annual White Shirt Campaign in partnership with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) who have raised over $13.5 mill thus far BUT there is still more to be done in developing an early detection test for diagnosis and treatment. Join me by purchasing a Witchery White Shirt today and for every White Shirt sold, Witchery will donate 100% of the gross proceeds to the OCRF. This could help 80-100% of women survive beyond five years compared with only 20-30% when diagnosed at a late stage. Available at www.witchery.com.au @witcheryfashion @ocrf #WhiteShirtCampaign

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Don’t be that brand that popped up on my feed once and then I never saw them again … make your audience remember you! Create meaningful memories for them which can lead to building relationships with your customers and establishing a community.


According to marketing and consumer behaviour experts, as a basic rule, it takes a minimum of three exposures for an advertisement to be effective (like how I will stop at the third McDonalds I drive past on my way home from the office because I just can’t resist French Fries any more…). So don’t just get your message out there once, do it again and again over a longer campaign period until your results start to flow. 


You can achieve this by adopting some of the following tactics:

  • Having a staggered approach to influencer engagement
  • Managing your community effectively by always replying to comments, DM’s and answering questions 
  • Keeping your social channel consistent by posting every day to stay at the top of your followers’ feed and front of mind for purchase decisions
  • Sharing user and influencer generated content with your audience 


Like how you’ve seen this Cools Club Whale Sweater so many times and you’re dying to hit ‘add to cart’ … just do it gurl!

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✌️ literally only two left in stock ✌️

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Not all influencer and social media collaborations need to scream ‘BUY ME’. In fact, those which are more meaningful are more likely to translate to sales over a longer period. Let’s not forget, consumers can read between the lines. They know that their favourite blogger doesn’t really wear that moisturiser every day because she posted about a different one last week. Meaningful and organic collaborations are far more important than pushing product. 


Establish your point of difference by engaging in real collaborations with your community to showcase how your product can benefit them. Sometimes a quality over quantity approach can work best – if you engage with influencers that genuinely align with your brand and reflect your values then you know you are hitting your real target audience with their following. 


According to the Business of Fashion, ‘the best influencers have a connection with their followers that is difficult to replicate’. So, use that connection to your advantage by onboarding influencers that have a real connection with your product or service and share your story with their audience. Particularly in trying times (read: NOW) influencer content can be more valuable than ever, but only if it’s REAL and GENUINE. 


Like how I am obsessed with Karissa Sparke and her authentic partnerships that have grown from her #SUNDAYSTACKS posts. Now I am probably going to get an additional 6 piercings in my ear so that I can achieve her looks: 

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All about textures and baby blue right now #SUNDAYSTACKS

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