Jun 29

AMPR Knows… How to land (and nail) an internship at AMPR

Written by Stephanie Hyde.

So you’re studying public relations and it’s your DREAM to work at AMPR?

As one of Australia’s leading public relations agencies, we’re often inundated with applications for internships, so below are some of our top tips to landing yourself hands-on experience working across major retail and consumer, fashion and lifestyle brands.


Be meticulous

We are communications professionals. Our clients rely on our clear and concise writing skills and attention to detail.

Given our first impression is usually from reading your cover letter and resume, it’s crucial to personalise your approach and double, even triple check spelling, grammar and style is consistent throughout.


Do your research

Why do you want to work at AMPR? Do you love events? Want to learn more about media liaison or influencer engagement?

Show us that you’re passionate and understand who we are and what we do. Follow us on social media, take note of recent campaigns we’ve worked on and come well prepared for your interview.


Work hard and radiate positivity

So you’ve impressed us with your resume, nailed the interview and it’s your first day at AMPR.

We’re always looking for interns with a ‘can-do’ attitude, who radiate positivity and are excited to start the day. Go that extra mile, take every opportunity you can and ask questions – lots of them!

There’s nothing better than someone who shows initiative, asks how they can help and is proactive in seeking feedback.



Make an effort to get to know everyone and develop connections within the wider team. Attend events, be friendly and build as many relationships as you can.

Networking is key for every PR professional and we have a wealth of industry knowledge, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

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