Aug 14

AMPR Knows… How to Network Like a (PR) BOSS

Written by Stephanie Taylor, Group Account Director

As you know, the PR industry is based heavily on relationships… and the best way to build these relationships is by NETWORKING!

“Networking” is not just an awkward conversation over a warm chardonnay and a cold canape at a comms event. While it is definitely that some of the time, there’s definitely much more to it.

So here are a few tips on how to network like a boss at your next industry or client event:


  1. Be strategic

To do it right, you should attend an event with a plan in mind. Before you settle in by the cheese table with your work wife for the night, aim to have a meaningful conversation with at least five people.

If you have access to a guest list, study it prior. Ask yourself: who do I want to meet? Who do I need to reconnect with? What projects do I have coming up that may be relevant to who in the room?


  1. Do your research

Look up a contact, stalkscroll their Twitter / Instagram accounts and check out what they’ve been up to. If it’s a journalist, read their recent articles! That way, when you go to clink glasses with that person, you’ll have an easy talking point and they will be appreciative that you’ve done your homework!


  1. Stay cool.

When you strike up a conversation with a journo, client or peer, keep it light and casual. Be yourself, and be genuine! Don’t ram a pitch down their throat when they’re trying to relax and unwind from the day. If you have a pitch idea, mention that you may have something that will interest them and that you’ll email them some info tomorrow, or during the week.


  1. Always follow up

Don’t say you’re going to email and then don’t. Even if you haven’t promised an email of info the next day, it’s always nice to send a note to your new contact and say how nice it was to meet them. This lovely gesture will make you all the more memorable and favourable to your new contact the next time you hit their inbox.


  1. Aaaannnd now to the cheese table.


Happy networking PR Peeps. X


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