Aug 06

AMPR Knows. . .How to stress less

Written by Shannon Amato, Account Manager


There is something about plugging into an hour-long podcast that helps me to forget about all of the worries from the day that was and unwind, particularly at night if I am struggling to sleep.


My go-to podcasts include:

  1. The High Low– a current affairs and pop culture podcast by British journalists and authors Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton.
  2. How to Fail– How to Fail hosted by British author and journalist Elizabeth Day (there is a pattern here), is a series of interviews with successful people from all walks of life that focuses on their failures and how they were overcome.
  3. Bitch Sesh– this one is a vice I don’t admit to many people. Hosted by American actors Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider, Bitch Sesh is a hilarious weekly recap of The Real Housewives.


Social Media Hiatus 

This might be a strange tip coming from somebody who works within the field of social media, however, removing myself from social platforms like Facebook and Instagram on days when stress levels are particularly high has done wonders in reducing these. The benefits I have found include:


  • I have more time to focus on important tasks
  • I have less FOMO not seeing what other people are doing
  • When I do have down time, I’m more inclined to open up the News app and get up to speed with current affairs (particularly of great benefit as a PR professional)


I haven’t removed myself all together, just over those busy days where social is not required for my job, and I focus on more important things. Once those days are done, and if I am feeling good, I will re-download for a friendly stalk scroll.


Get Physical!  

Okay, I understand – exercise is not a ground-breaking strategy to help reduce stress levels. However, as somebody who refused to get active for 24 years of my life, I promise it is SO effective. It’s not about going out and joining the first F45 class or cross-fit gym you see (unless that’s what you want and, in that case, go for it!), but finding small and enjoyable opportunities to get your body moving throughout the day.


Some easy tips to get active for those of us who are time poor (which I am sure we all are):

  • Walk to work or opt for public transport and get off a stop earlier. If you are lucky enough, you can add an extra few thousand steps onto your day by simply changing up the way you get to work
  • Suggest walking meetings where possible. These are easier for internal meetings, however you’d be surprised how many clients are also eager to get on board
  • 3’clock squats (for the duration of a favourite song). This is something that we try and get the whole AMPR office to do each day


Whatever you do, remember it doesn’t have to be high-intensity to lower cortisol levels.

Enjoy your day and remember, Namaste.

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