Sep 18

AMPR Knows. . . Influencer Marketing

Written by AMPR Account Executive, Natasha Bongiorno


Are Instagram influencers actually influencing?

Public relations is all about connecting a brand to its target market, pushing a specific message to an audience via a medium they consume. While this was once focused on print and broadcast, today it includes digital platforms and, of course, social media. With social media, we have seen the rise of ‘influencers’ and ‘influencer marketing’, one of the world’s fastest growing tools being used by brands and a vital ingredient in our communications mix.


People don’t trust brands

Forbes puts it like this: ““The voice of the customer has always been one of the most powerful concepts in marketing, and today’s social media platforms act as one giant megaphone for that voice.” Basically, consumers are more likely to trust the people they see on their social media feed above anything else.

So just how powerful is social media? Well, you’ve clicked through to this article because we’ve directed you to swipe up and read it. From your Instagram account. We got you to the place we wanted you to be, to read what we wanted you to read. Bingo.

Despite this, there has been a shift in recent years towards more accountable influence. If Fyre Festival taught us anything it is that a) influencers have a responsibility to research what they are promoting to their audience and b) brands need to work with influencers who are authentic and credible.


Influencers, Influencers Everywhere

Why should your brand employ an influencer strategy?

Influencer marketing is not simply an add on, it complimentsyour existing traditional PR methods. Allowing AMPR to include a social media influencer strategy to spread your message will allow you to reach new and more targeted audiences – something we think we’re pretty good at!

We consider everything when we’re putting forward the right people to market your brand – who is their audience? How engaged is their audience? Does this person live and breathe the message we are already selling? Have they been good to work with in the past? All of these are something we spend time looking into through different measurement tools and strategies.

Here are 6 key takeaways to remember when considering talking to AMPR about influencer marketing:


  • Whilst traditional ads are obviously just ads, influencers are able to break through that wall of perception and influence behaviour in a more believable way
  • Influencers can be a creative bunch – see this as an opportunity to develop visually captivating images that you can re-use across your social channels
  • Influencers can help to start a two-way conversation – a well briefed influencer, with an engaged audience, is able to answer any questions their audience may want to know about your brand or product
  • Influencers can help to generate sales and build brand awareness
  • Influencers can be a trusted voice for your customers – According to a Hashoffstudy,  82% of consumers saidthey were very likely to follow the recommendation of an influencer they follow, and 67% said they had no negative reaction to sponsored influencer content whatsoever. Furthermore, 37% of consumers felt that, if influencer content was authentic and high-quality, it negated the fact that it was sponsored.
  • You can choose when your advertisement goes live – target your most active audience at the time when you think they’re going to be most engaged
  • Size isn’t everything! The biggest following doesn’t always mean the most engaged or relevant to your brand.Sometimes micro or niche influencers will deliver a much greater return that a macro influencer because they are more credible and believable
  • As with any investment, setting KPIs to measure success is essential.Calls to action, such as setting unique codes to track sales or measuring web traffic, are becoming more and more common


Influencer Marketing, so hot right now

Knowing where to start an influencer marketing campaign can seem daunting if you’re doing it on your own.

However, if you tap into a team of experts who have been working in the space since it started – then you’re already on the road to success!

Come and speak to us about your next campaign.


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