Jun 18

AMPR KNOWS… Spots to Visit After COVID-19

By Casey


It will come as no surprise that I’ll refer to what’s been happening in our world as uncertain, unprecedented, unsettling and maybe unconventional? I guess they really are just the best words to describe the situation…

It has been strange, difficult and challenging for many people in different ways. We have all been turning to things that bring us comfort in our efforts to adapt to the new ‘normal’. Practising gratitude, journaling and yoga for the introverts and throwing a House Party for the extroverts (virtual, of course). 

Whilst I’ve done both of these things, I’ve also turned to the thing I love most, travelling. Now of course I can’t actually go anywhere, but they say planning is the best part of a holiday, right? So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Of course, as soon as we’re told we can’t have something, we want it even more! 

Amidst my daydreaming, I thought about where I’d like to travel to next. Italy, New York, Mexico all sprung to mind before a strange feeling of guilt set in. I wondered why I’d be so quick to leave the country and inject my money elsewhere, when in reality the tourism industry in Australia will so desperately need our help. 

By embarking on an Australian adventure, it can have a ripple effect that reaches beyond flights and accommodation. Everything from the coffee you buy on the way, the toasted sandwich, the groceries, beer, wine and local produce, the presents from local gift shops, museum entry, tour guides, Uber rides, car hire, you name it, it’s guaranteed to help an Aussie somewhere along the chain.  

Unfortunately, without a little TLC some of these businesses may never recover. So, with that in mind I decided to make sure my next adventure will be right here in Australia, even if it is just a weekend away.

I found 10 incredible stays to get you inspired to do the same. Enjoy!


JR’s Hut, Kimo Estate, Gundagai NSW


Thalia Haven, Great Oyster Bay TAS


Mitchelton Winery Hotel, Nagambie VIC


The Red Hill Barn, Mornington Peninsula VIC


Fairmont Resort & Spa, Blue Mountains NSW


Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island SA


Emirates One & Only, Wolgan Valley NSW


Longitude 131, Uluru NT


Halcyon House, Cabarita Beach NSW


Atlantic Byron Bay, NSW


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