Sep 04

AMPR Knows…. What I’ve learnt from PR Events

Written by Bridget Halpin, Account Executive


As glamourous as a PR event may appear, a huge amount of “back of house” hard work and effort goes into creating the incredible events you see across your Instagram. Often, an event can be 6-months in the planning! The lead up to an event can be filled with long hours, site visits, briefings and a few (too many) Uber Eats orders to keep you keeping on. However, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your event come to life.


Here are a few things I’ve learnt from PR events….


  • Know the goal, design the event. It is so important to know your client’s objectives from the outset. Whether it is social content generation, editorial outcomes or simply brand awareness, the objectives will help guide the overall event concept and strategy.


  • The “who’s who”.The audience you invite is essential. Determining a list of relevant and influential guests who will engage with brand and help create the outcomes the client needs, is a key element and contributes towards measuring the success of the event.


  • It’s all in the detail. It is so important to step through every element of the event, every touch point of the experience and consider how it represents your client. A detailed pre-event briefing and effective communication are all crucial elements to a successful event.


  • Get crazy.Media and influencers get invited to so many events every week which is why you must create an experience that is out of the box. An exciting concept will help create buzz (and content) amongst those invited, so be original and have fun with your event!


  • Suppliers are everything.Trust worthy suppliers are the key to delivering a high-quality, in-budget, stress-free event. The right venue, florist, entertainers and photographer will help bring your vision to life.
  • Comfort over glam.Finally, if I have learnt anything while working at an event, it is that comfortable (yet cute) shoes are always a good idea.

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