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AMPR Knows…What Makes The Perfect Pair of Jeans?

Written by Hannah Keating


What makes the perfect pair of jeans?


In the seven odd months I have been working at AMPR, I have somehow managed to earn the title of ‘Jean Queen’. It might have something to do with the fact I own over 15 pairs and each day I rotate a different pair matched with a tailored blazer. My husband thinks this is a sign of insanity, but Alexander Wang has a wardrobe of over 50 pairs of black jeans alone, so if it’s good enough for him it’s absolutely good enough for me!


My love of jeans has not gone unnoticed in the AMPR office and I love when the other girls in the team tell me their latest jean endeavours


All of the above means I always get asked, “Hannah, what makes the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans?”


STEP ONE: Do the washing


Before you start the daunting task of picking up a new pair of jeans, have a clear understanding of what wash you like.


Blue is a necessity – start with a mid-wash blue, it’s a safe option that will easily integrate into your wardrobe. Darker denim gives a more polished look and a great option for work.


Wearing a white shirt when you try them on will help you figure out if they are the wash for you.


STEP TWO: Girl you gotta work it out                    


Find the best style of jean that works for your body shape. It can be tedious and daunting but approach it with confidence and commitment, just like you would a Pilates class with the instructor that always pushes you to your limits.


Tall people need avoid crop cuts otherwise they become denim pedal pushers and no one has ever said a jean that cuts you off mid-calf is flattering. Shorties, you own crops!


High waist almost always works for everyone. If you have to try on 50, think of it as a journey on your way to meeting ‘the one’. My soul mate is a high waist ‘mom’ jean and I have never looked back.


Lately denim studios offering customisations are popping up all over which can be a hefty investment, but absolutely worth it on the pursuit of finding a pair that fits like a glove.


Shout out to Simon and the team at B.O.Y.D Studio in Fitzroy – best denim tailors in the business!


STEP THREE: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it


You’ve found the cut that suits you – now buy it in 15 different washes and I guarantee you will wear them.


I promise they won’t collect dust at the back of your linen closet, turned denim cupboard (everyone has one of them, right?)


And my work is done. Just call me a ‘jeanius’ (sorry, I had too).


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  1. Atal Hakikat
    July 13, 2019 at 12:57 pm · Reply

    You forgot to include an essential part of jeans selection:


    The brand that pays attention to the backpocket style/design and stitching are most likely to gain the attention of denim buyers.
    Some of these brands include Levis, Lee, True Religion, Edwin.

    A great jean brand that perhaps overdid the back pocket design has to be Nudie Jeans.
    They do make great jeans however the noisy backpocket kills it.

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