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AMPR KNOWS… What Meeting an Influential Person Taught me About the Industry

Part 1


Working in PR, we often get the opportunity to meet celebrities, industry leaders and influencers who enable us to amplify our launches and campaigns and create meaningful content that engages our audiences and consumers.

Beyond getting to work alongside these people, they often teach us so much about the industry we work in, which we may not have known before, which often leads to inspiration when creating future ideas and concepts.

We are fortunate as a team to have worked with an incredible variety of talent, while continuing to develop in our careers.


Amelia Cox – Account Manager:

When I worked in London, my first ever role in PR was working on the Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder makeup collaboration (I know, not a bad first gig!). During my time working with Victoria Beckham’s product development and PR team I learnt just how involved Victoria Beckham actually was with her collaboration, which was years in the making. She was very specific on how she wanted the products to look and feel (from pigmentation, radiance on the skin and the beautiful packaging that I still keep in my makeup bag to this day), how she wanted the products to be communicated to consumers and presented in stores and what she wanted press to know about the launch.

I remember we spent a few days dedicated to testing the products on ourselves, talking about what we loved about them and how we can pitch them to different journalists in the UK. Another lesson I learnt from working on this launch (and in beauty PR in general) is to know and use the products and brands that you’re representing. It makes your job 100 times easier when you love and are passionate about it.

Before this, I often wondered how involved celebrities actually were when their name was on something, but I can vouch and confirm Victoria was involved in the whole process. The Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder collaboration was extremely successful, and I still think back to the launch event we held at Selfridges in London with the thousands of screaming fans that lined all four walls of the historic building. To show how involved Victoria Beckham was in the collaboration, she has since launched her own in-house makeup and skincare line which I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on.

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Want to know how I create the ultimate sexy eye? Tune in tomorrow to learn more… x VB #VBxEsteeLauder

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Steph Hyde – Senior Account Manager:

I have been lucky to work with a number of high-profile international celebrities throughout my PR career, from Paris Hilton for her Rose Rush launch to Karolina Kurkova and Gemma Ward for David Jones, however I have been most inspired by the local talent that has supported the Witchery White Shirt Campaign.

I have worked with many incredible women in the past two years working on the campaign, one in particular being Julie Bishop. Despite her busy schedule, she was always front and centre for every occasion throughout her 2019 ambassador role and displayed such a huge amount of dedication and passion for the cause, which ensured it was the most successful year yet. Being able to work alongside such an incredible and humble leader made me feel empowered and so proud to be working on and supporting an incredibly important cause. She taught me that people will always make time for opportunities that are close to their hearts.



Laura Sheppeck – Senior PR Consultant 


One of the most surreal moments in my career was working the door at the J.W. Anderson x ASAP Rocky after party at LFW back in 2016. J.W. Anderson had been a client at the agency for years, not one of mine but I offered to help at the party – no brainer right?! I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learnt from working the door during fashion week parties in London, New York, Milan and Paris. You grow a thick skin that’s for sure.

The party was top secret. Even the location wasn’t shared until the last minute and it was a super exclusive guest list; in fact most of the guest list was just ASAP Rocky’s mates, so we knew the door would be tough that night. It started late, and the special guests for the evening were Robert Pattinson and FWA Twiggs. Standing outside the basement entrance to the newly opened Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, we had clipboards at the ready (back then it was clipboards and not ipads) with a queue already extending around the block. Within minutes it was one in, one out.

What do you do when everyone on the list is a priority and you have bouncers telling you to kick people out?! Count your team and the hotel staff working that night and form a rotation system to exit the building and allow the super VIP in – before they leave 20 minutes later for the next exclusive party on that night. That gave us an 6-8 person buffer when needed. Another top tip for door work: think on your feet and learn to say no in about 20 different ways, sometimes to the same person. People are persistent and will do anything (and say anything) to get into the most exclusive party of the night. We had to turn away senior editors from magazines that were sat front row hours before at the show.

Our industry is fast paced and you have to be able to think on your feet, trust your gut and adapt quickly. It’s not always pleasant but sometimes you learn a lot from people screaming in your face, although I would never encourage it.




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