Apr 13

AMPR Knows…It’s a sign of the times

By Sarah Gale

Many believe COVID and the imposed lockdowns taught people to slowdown, re-prioritise and strike a greater work / life balance.

Whilst lockdown certainly gave me a glimpse of a slower pace, and I must admit it was good to have more time with family and not have anywhere to be, it was short-lived.   The pressures of running a business with 20 staff, managing three kids, maintaining a social life and trying to stay fit and active are greater than ever as we navigate our way out of these strange and unsettling times.

Perhaps it’s because this slower pace has made it harder to get back into top gear, but the impact of COVID on our business, mental health and relationships is requiring extra effort, extra love and extra dedication to come out the other side healthier than ever.

It’s not a time for complacency or mediocracy.

Whilst AMPR is fortunate to be well established and have a portfolio of long-term clients and staff, juggling flexible working, the ever-changing media landscape and consumer demands has meant that, to stay ahead of the curve, we need to work smarter and be more innovative in what we do.

We have had to rethink how we execute COVID-safe events, drive outcomes that support our local industries and deliver the end consumers with content that they want to engage with.

Some recent post-COVID campaign highlights have included this year’s Melbourne Fashion Festival, which was a real celebration of local talent, Australian designers and Melbourne’s reinvigoration of CBD retail.  Our campaign focussed on a return to quality storytelling that really highlighted our makers and creators and expanded the reach well beyond the physical Festival attendees to other states and countries.

A variety of new product launches across the beauty space, including Elizabeth Arden Visible Brightening CicaGlow Concentrate; Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum 2.0; Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation and Flawless Start Hydrating Serum Primer has seen us develop some beautiful, bespoke and highly targeted launch events that have generated an incredibly strong return on investment from both press and influencer engagement, proving that quality over quantity really pays off in this landscape.

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And it’s been a true joy to work on the launch of The Brickman Jurassic World exhibition, a two-year build of painstakingly detailed sets and dinosaurs, recreated for all to enjoy at MCEC.  From Lego dinosaurs popping up at the Tan in Melbourne (attracting all major news networks), to a special influencer preview of the exhibition, Melburnians are ready to release their inner child and be immersed in the magical world of Lego.

On a personal level, while it’s been inspiring to see some of the innovation that stemmed from late nights at home and hours upon hours of Zoom calls, the eight months of solitude, postponed events and social interactions has also meant that, all of a sudden, weeks are chock-a-block full of meetings and engagements.  The diary is suffocatingly full and the fear of missing out, for me or my kids, prevents me from saying no – I want to do it all!

Restoring a sense of certainty for the kids has been one of the most challenging things.  The anxiety they suffered from the major changes and disruption, plus the increased dependence on us as parents, has required extra TLC to re-instil confidence and positivity.   But, the upside is their renewed love of school and, like all of us, an increased appreciation for friendships, family and simply living.

Perhaps once the dust settles and this pandemic is all but a distant memory, I will find that happy medium and slow down just enough to smell the roses.

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