Jul 28

AMPR Knows … Must Try Fitness and Wellness Trends

By Tayla McAuliffe

I have always been interested in trying different ways to exercise and restore my body. The past year has been challenging, and now with everything reopening in Victoria, there’s no better time to sign up for something that motivates you and try something new.



All about ‘the climb’. This is one of the most fast-paced, energetic and fun classes I’ve attended. The first five minutes may seem like an uphill battle to hell, but after that you start to get into the beat of the music, coloured lights and a sense of competition from all the climbers around you. I’m very competitive and always push myself to have nothing left in the tank. Best of all, it’s only 30 minutes – short and effective!


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The name sums it up, that’s for sure. This place knows how important music is to the cycle experience, so they created their own beats which allows you to ride in rhythm. The atmosphere is very friendly, uplifting and high energy. The Vicious crew are very supportive and helpful with adapting your workout to your own comfort level and experience.


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Boxing is probably my favourite way to work out my mind and body. It’s a great way to release any built-up frustrations and stress, while getting an insane cardio workout. I started boxing four years ago with my brothers and have loved it ever since. Through working out in a boxing gym I have also developed self-defence skills which is so empowering as a woman to feel like you can protect yourself.


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At first, I was like hell no. I’ve never been one who enjoys going for a run, usually giving up after 10 minutes. Then I found a run club. Surrounding myself with other people who want to challenge themselves and get into running motivated me to really give it a go. After a few sessions it started to become easier, even though I wasn’t running long distances I felt like I could start setting distance goals that I could achieve over a six-month period.


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Infrared sauna has honestly changed my life. There are so many benefits from consistently using infrared including assisting with muscle recovery, relaxation, improving circulation, glowing skin and, most importantly, to help eliminate toxins from your body that can cause severe bloating and abdominal pain. I will usually sauna 3-4 times a week and honestly have noticed huge differences since adding it into my wellness routine.


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I was never one to meditate prior to Covid-19, but oh how things changed!  Living in Melbourne and going through lockdown after lockdown, it highlighted to me the importance of looking after both our mental and physical health. I found that by implementing mediation into my routine, my stress and anxiety was reduced. It can be as simple as stretching out your body, focussing on each breath.


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Another important factor that had a big impact on my mental health is better quality of sleep. I started taking supplements to support better sleep roughly one year ago, which in conjunction with meditation and saunas, has helped me to have longer and better-quality sleep. Every night I take Swisse Magnesium and Sleep & Renew booster. I used to struggle to get five hours of sleep each night, now I am sleeping an average of 8-9 hours which has made me more energised and overall, happier.


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