Nov 13

AMPR Knows. . . What working in London taught me about PR

Written by AMPR Account Manager, Amelia Cox

When you move to London and land a job working in PR for one of the world’s most prestigious skincare, makeup and fragrance brands, you are most definitely going to learn a thing or two. Being my first job in the industry and my first time living in London I was a mixed bag of emotions – scared, excited, nervous and unsure of what to expect.


Here are a few things I learnt about PR during my time in London…


  • Your contacts are everything. Clearing your schedule to attend a press appointment or dropping everything to hand deliver the newest launch to Vogue House sometimes must take priority. If you do right by your contacts, you will create a long-term relationship, and they will do right by you. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to check out some of London’s most beautiful venues and eateries while working – win!


  • Press are the new influencers. From glamourous international press trips to extravagant beauty mail outs posted to their social accounts, the beauty teams were the new kids on the influencer block. If your brand was not going above and beyond and thinking outside of the box with new launches, you run the risk of not being noticed at all.


  • Industry knowledge is vital. Knowing what brands are launching and what the current trends are in the industry, is essential. Spending time spanning the beauty pages for what the hottest trends of the season, looking out for which journalist covered what products and what brand is making waves in the market is so important. This will ensure we are on top of and hopefully ahead of our competitors.


  • Staying ahead of the PR game is challenging. Given the above points, staying on top of what is happening in the industry, planning the most amazing press launches and getting some killer coverage is a real challenge – but that’s what PR is about and why we love it, right?


  • Take a moment to take it all in. Living in London can be fast paced and extremely overwhelming at times and when you add working in PR, you have got yourself one very busy schedule. Living and working in PR in London felt extremely surreal at times and it’s important to remember that some of the opportunities that come your way may never come around again. My top tip? Embrace it all, say yes to everything and enjoy every moment (the good and bad) – it’ll go by fast, trust me!


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