Aug 03

AMPR knows… 5 Tips to a Successful Fashion Show

By Raquel Barolli

Fashion and events are a big part of what we do here at AMPR, and we are proud to have worked on a number of high profile and successful fashion events over the years.  We have had the pleasure of working with Melbourne Fashion Festival for over 20 years (yes, we just said that) and also recently worked with new brand RUMER to launch at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week.

It’s no secret that managing fashion runway events can be challenging. With high pressure, comes long days and a LOT of planning and preparation – who would’ve thought for a 10-minute show? So, here are our 5 tips to success.


Remain calm.

Whilst those words can be challenging to hear when you’re ensuring guest lists are in order, managing a media call and prepping a photoshoot with talent in between rehearsals, managing your own energy to ensure you don’t stress others out is key – remember it’s PR not ER.


Know your guestlist

It is crucial to know who is on your guestlist. Not only does it allow you to organise seating plans with ease, but also helps to ensure who to seat with who, as well as identify anyone who shouldn’t be there (there are serial gatecrashers!)! Getting the right people to your event is one thing, but if you don’t recognise them or know them well enough to ask for a photo on the media wall, then it’s a missed opportunity.


Prioritise your accreditation

A successful fashion show is one thing but having the right people there to observe and capture the moment is another. Take the time to review your accredited media and KOLs and ensure their experience is as seamless as possible.


Come fuelled with snacks

Fashion shows can be tiring with early call times and late finishes, so come prepared with food and water. You won’t always have the time to sit down for a meal, but a handful of sugar to get you through the organised chaos is crucial. Let’s face it, nobody likes being hangry.



Lastly, enjoy yourself! As challenging as they may be, it’s so important to enjoy the show and be proud of the incredible moment you’ve helped bring together. Plus – you can eye off your favourite looks from the runway and head to David Jones after the week is done and treat yourself for all your hard work.


Reflecting on all of this, we’ve collated some of our favourite fashion show moments at AMPR.


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