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Nov 07

AMPR Knows. . . How to Dress For Any PR Event

Written by AMPR Account Executive, Raina Naidu


During my time at AMPR, I’ve had the opportunity to work across countless amazing events, for a range of brands, with different briefs and impressive guestlists. Not to brag, but you can say I’ve had a fair amount of practice to perfect the working event wardrobe. 

From working every night at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival to managing crews at the Caulfield Cup in the freezing Spring weather to controlling the glamorous crowds at the NGV Gala – I have become quite experienced in dressing for PR events.

So, I want to share the five items I keep at my fingertips to use on rotation for almost any PR event.


  1. Black Blazer

An absolute essential to dress any outfit up, no matter what you’re wearing. You can always throw on a blazer and instantly add an elevated level of sophistication to your look. 


  1. Red Lippy

I personally don’t like to wear a lot of make-up, but when I do, it’s definitely a popping lip. A statement lip is great for any event as it adds a touch of glam and focuses the attention to your face, so you don’t need to stress so much about your outfit. 


  1. Statement Earrings

Large statement earrings will definitely make you feel fancy and ready to mingle at an event. Just be conscious of if you’re planning on having a boogie after work, heavy earrings can be strenuous on the ears.


  1. Strappy Heels

Required for almost every event outfit. Bag yourself a pair of classic black heels that go with everything. This will immediately elevate your look and have you feeling spesh. Also make sure the heel height and style are practical for stomping around and chasing gate crashers.


  1. Silk Slip Skirt

This is my go-to for any event as you can dress it up in so many ways and create many different looks. A simple black silk slip skirt is perfect for an event as it has the right about of sheen you want for an evening event but is also simple enough to dress down and incorporate with great basics for a day event.


Well there you have it, the five items I work with to create simple and chic work event outfits. It may not seem like a lot, however, once you have worked on a few events you realise that comfort is key.  

Having said all this, I am also very fortunate to work alongside 20 super-fashionable ladies, so technically I have access to another 20 wardrobes. But, for the days I just want to do me, you’ll know what to find me in.

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