Nov 01

AMPR Knows. . Statement pieces for your wardrobe (and where to save your pennies)

Written by AMPR Account Director, Cheyenne Myers



A statement blazer

Walk into meetings with confidence and take yourself from the desk to after work drinks. I have a statement blazer hanging at the office for any last-minute meetings or showroom appointments. It dresses up almost any outfit and makes me feel confident and professional.


Designer handbag

This is definitely a personal thing. You can get great hand bags without spending a small fortune. Look at high street brands like ZARA and H&M for more affordable on-trend pieces, like the mini-bag or rattan style that’s trending at the moment. BUT hey, I love fashion and think it’s OK to reward yourself when you work really hard. Plus, you will keep your designer handbag forever.


Quality leather jacket

I live in Melbourne, so that pretty much says it all! I invested in a new Ena Pelly leather number at the start of the season and the cost per wear pretty much pays for itself.


Comfy shoes

I have two pairs of comfy shoes that I have on rotation and they travel with me everywhere. Sneakers and a low-heeled slip on. They work with any outfit so it makes packing easy too! Tip though, try a more affordable version and if you find yourself wearing them regularly then upgrade and invest. I have made spontaneous, expensive purchases before and they are gathering dust in my closet. Mi Piaci and Merchant 1948 do amazing quality shoes that are comfy and last, also won’t break the bank.


A tailored coat

A beautiful tailored coat can elevate any outfit and investing in a simple colour or pattern will mean you can wear it season after season. Cut, fabric and detailing are things to look out for. Ted Baker and Witchery have some great options.


Something special

I am so lucky to have my Oma’s beautiful antique opal ring and I wear it ALL the time. I have no idea how much it’s worth (or care) but it is super sentimental to me. I think of her every time I put it on. Whether it’s an item that reminds you of a really good time in your life, or an old sweater that makes you feel at home, if it makes you feel good then own it.




Trend pieces

Websites like AMPR clients boohoo and Nasty Gal have affordable, on trend pieces year-round. Team on-trend items with statement pieces (like the above). Newness in fashion keeps things exciting, my online shopping pile is a running joke in the office…  ha!



I wear denim jeans A LOT. Admittedly though, I probably do washing once every two weeks. Eek! So I have my investment pieces that will last for years to come but also my fillers to keep the wardrobe stocked. Forever New uses beautiful soft Turkish denim and I have a few Nasty Gal pairs that keep me ticking along – both super affordable!



Jewellery again is a personal one and I am not a huge jewellery person! I have my sentimental pieces but statement earrings or costume jewellery I’ll usually buy from the likes of ZARA. Olivia Burton also have some great fine jewellery pieces at the moment for something simple.

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