Nov 25

AMPR Knows…The World’s Most Iconic Fashion Shows, part one

By Cheyenne Myers

After longing to be transported from our lounge rooms to well, pretty much anywhere after this year, let’s take a look back at some of the most iconic shows from across the globe, by the world’s most renowned creative fashion brands.

The productions that open a door into the imaginative minds of leading designers, taking us inside their fantasy worlds and leaving us in awe.

Bring on the inevitable return of fashion weeks (as we know them), that are sure to make a comeback bigger, bolder and more genius than ever.

Chanel Airlines, Spring 2016

This one tops the list purely due to my nostalgia for airports and desire to travel right now. Chanel sold the first-class travel experience of our dreams with this show, constructing a customised airport terminal fit with branded luggage trolleys, departures and arrivals board, airport seats and baggage carousel, not to mention the handsome pilots donning the ultimate Chanel uniform.


 Chanel Airlines aside, I’d happily settle for below average plane food and cramped cattle class for international travel right about now. 2020, right?


Fendi Great Wall of China, AW 2007

Fendi hosted the world’s longest runway show, spanning down the 1,500-mile long Great Wall of China. I honestly don’t know how they did it, I guess it’s amazing what you can do with a year of planning, Karl and over $10 million. 88 models walked, 44 Chinese and 44 of Western origins and the show positioned Fendi as a truly global brand. Undeniably iconic.

Fendi show on the Great Wall of China in 2007

Fendi show on the Great Wall of China in 2007

Dion Lee Sydney Opera House, 2010 

A special Aussie mention, Dion Lee was the first designer to host a runway at the base of the Sydney Opera House, with the collection inspired by Jørn Utzon’s sails. Since then, the New York based Lee has gone on to create four shows at the Australian landmark, along with designing the staff uniforms for its 45th anniversary.


Jacquemus Lavender Fields, SS 2020

The brand’s 10th anniversary show was held within the picturesque blooming lavender fields of Provence, South of France. The bright pink runway stretched for at least 500 meters up and over a hill to create the most stunning backdrop for the unisex show, oozing Provincial charm.

I remember seeing images from this show during one of our lockdowns (or close to), it brought a smile to my face and warmed me up inside. SO beautiful.


Chanel Arctic, Fall 2010

You can always count on Chanel to push the envelope and this time was no different with a 265-ton ice glacier imported from Sweden for the Paris Fall spectacle. Said to have taken 35 sculptors from around the globe over six days to create, the show highlighted the impact of global warming, with models walking through puddles from the melting icebergs throughout the show.


Stay tuned for part two!

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