Jun 25

AMPR showings went virtual: How we modified our showings in line with the current restrictions

By Amelia Cox

Twice a year AMPR holds press showings both in Melbourne and Sydney to showcase the upcoming collections from a selection of our clients across fashion, beauty, lifestyle and health. However, due to the restrictions of Covid-19, this June the AMPR showings looked a little different – we went virtual! 


The AMPR June virtual showings were hosted between Tuesday 16th June and Thursday 18th June at the AMPR office in Cremorne. Media, stylists, wardrobe teams, talent managers and influencers were conducted via Zoom appointments and were hosted by various members of our AMPR team who represented each client’s brand spruiking their newest collections and upcoming launches. 


In light of the current climate, AMPR successfully adjusted our press showings as opposed to postponing them. We saw it as an opportunity to: innovate; build new and strengthen existing relationships;  check in on those we regularly work with; and overall support our amazing clients who have stuck by us. 


Three key elements were adjusted to ensure our virtual showings could go ahead, this included collating a digital lookbook for all virtual attendees; creating a digital showroom space in the AMPR office; and using our favourite working from home friend, Zoom, to host appointments for attendees based Australia-wide and in New Zealand.  


Digital interactive lookbook: 


As our appointments weren’t in person, we had to ensure our virtual attendees had access to all imagery and information, enabling them to view all collections and products in detail. Our lookbook included information about our clients, highlighted their key new launches and collections, included a link to all imagery with further information and included an ‘AMPR Picks’ video that was produced by our digital content team in-house. 


The ‘AMPR Picks’ content visually captured the key product pieces that we embedded in the virtual lookbook while also providing our clients with the asset to share on their own social platforms.  


By sending the lookbook prior to their appointment, we ensured the conversations with our virtual attendees were targeted and covered clients most suitable to their needs and audiences while giving them everything required to create a story or include the products in publications. 



Digital showroom: 


Despite our guests not being able to come into the showroom physically, we still ensured we set up a dedicated showroom space where we could physically guide our guests (via our laptops) through as we usually would.  


Our front meeting room became our beauty and lifestyle space and in place of our desks, we set up rails upon rails of our client’s new collections flowing through the office space.  Two members of the AMPR team would then take turns discussing our clients and their products in more detail. 



ZOOM Appointments: 


These virtual showings wouldn’t have been able to take place without technology. ZOOM appointments made our showings possible and the team enjoyed being able to catch up with so many of our key contacts via our computer screens.  


For the AMPR team conducting the appointments, we still ensured we were appropriately social distancing and had hand sanitiser at the ready! 



Despite being a challenging time for everyone, one key aspect we took out of hosting our virtual showings is that supporting one another through these uncertain times is crucial and we thank our clients and industry contacts for supporting us. Our team had such a fun time adapting our showings, and who knows, it might be the way of the future! 


The next AMPR Showings will be in November 2020. Please touch base for further information –  showroom@ampr.com.au 

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