Aug 11


By Hannah Keating & Laura Sheppeck

Earlier this year, AMPR had the pleasure of launching the latest collection in the H&M designer series and lucky for us, the newest design partner were the legends at P.E Nation. March is always a crazy month for the whole team at AMPR, with the likes of VAMFF and the Grand Prix as well as AW collection showings and a slew of beauty launches, but we just couldn’t miss the opportunity to work with H&M for the second time after launching the MOSCHINO [tv] H&M collection back in 2018. 



Working with Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning from P.E Nation was a dream as they are so passionate about the brand and were so excited to be the first Australian brand to collab with global retailer, H&M.


We achieved great PR results with 19M+ audience across 203 pieces of editorial coverage despite a quick turnaround meaning we could only pitch out to short lead print and digital press. Having access to a high profile spokesperson or talent on behalf of the brand, really strengthens a PR campaign and working with Pip and Claire added a more personal angle to the story. 


For this campaign launch, we were working with a strict global embargo date so we set up a full day of in-person interviews with top tier journalists the day before the embargo lifted. It was an essential element to the success of the PR campaign and Pip and Claire brought their a-game resulting in some great editorial coverage in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Sunday Telegraph, Domain Review, Sunday Life, Stellar, InStyle, just to name a few. 


It wasn’t all smooth sailing behind the scenes though – T minus 12 hours until the first in-person interview was scheduled and our venue fell through. Think adrenaline pumping as we rang nearly every hotel in central Sydney trying to find an appropriate space at 9pm the night before. With a lot of persistence (and of course some sweet talking) it all worked out in the end… that’s when teamwork really comes into play.



Due to the quick turnaround leading up to the embargo date, this influencer campaign was not your average social media strategy. 


When you are working with a global brand like H&M, there are strict guidelines and expectations in place and not all influencers are used to shooting within such specific parameters. This meant really clear and transparent communication from our end was extremely important in order to get content approved by H&M and avoid influencers having to reshoot.  


The secrecy around the collection also required influencers and management to sign NDA’s ensuring the news remained confidential until the global announcement date. 


Overall, we ended up engaging over 10 influencers from around the country including Jessica Vander Leahy, Brooke Hogan and Dominique Elissa resulting in a reach of over 5.2M across 250+ social posts/stories. 



The standard checklist for an A+ event includes:


Great venue –


Great guestlist –


Everyone decked out in the P.E NATION x H&M collection – √√


Torrential weather in the always sunny suburb of Bondi – √√√


Working any event is chaotic but adding in non-stop torrential rain is another level of crazy. As any PR gal knows, a wet weather plan is a non-negotiable and we all banded together in the days prior to figure out our best contingency plan. I cannot tell you how many times we did a walk-through of the space to make sure we had all bases covered! Even if it isn’t the event you initially planned for, guests should be none the wiser. A pop-up marquee at Bondi Icebergs Club and soaking wet girls doing intense choreography in the iconic drained pool? Um of course we always planned for this, enjoy the event and please take an umbrella! Own it and embrace it with your guests.


Having all the guests kitted out in the collection was a huge task in the lead up to the event with collating sizing and organising dozens of couriers, however it was absolutely worth it. The result was a happy client, strong social coverage and impactful event imagery. If it can be facilitated, it is an event element that shouldn’t be overlooked. 


Despite the sideways rain, the event was a huge success. All guests joined Pip and Claire to celebrate the new collection and guests managed to stay dry (even if we didn’t!). Highlight of the day had to be Pip dancing on a trampoline in the pouring rain – it’s her party and she’ll do what she wants too! 


After the event wrapped up and post event duties were taken care of, we high tailed it to the airport only for our flight to be delayed by three hours. Silver lining – more time for a bottle of celebratory wine… whilst we continued to scan social media for coverage, you never quite have your foot off the gas. 


You should always take the time to celebrate post event as a team, even if it does result in you nearly missing your flight, running to your gate and being the last people to board the plane (with many dirty looks from your fellow passengers). I’m sorry Laura…..



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