Nov 15

AMPR KNOWS …. How to nail your sleep routine

By Ebony Santin

I know what you’re thinking … what on earth does sleep have to do with PR?! Well friends, sleep has everything to do with every job you’ll ever find yourself in. It’s a fundamental that so many people struggle to get right, which in turn impacts their performance.

Being the resident supplement and skincare guru of the AMPR office, I’ve been dishing out sleep advice to anyone and everyone.  Over the first two years of my career (with a global pandemic in the mix) I’ve introduced a few things that help me to nail my sleep routine so that it doesn’t impact my productivity at work during the week.


Get your sleep supplements right

Anyone who has had a conversation with me about sleep will have heard me harp on about the Swisse sleep supplements. It’s important to find what works for you, but Swisse is a great place to start as they have such a huge range. One of the best supplements to aid with sleep is Magnesium, which works to help your body and brain to relax therefore guiding you to a restful sleep.*

I highly recommend the Magnesium & Sleep Powder, which tastes like Lemon & Honey when you mix it into water. Some other favourites from Swisse include the Calm & Sleep Gummies (honestly, do yourself a favour!) and one for the skin, the Sleep & Renew Booster which works with your PM skincare routine to help renew skin cells whilst supporting with a restful night’s sleep by being formulated with high strength chamomile.


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Switch off from technology


This is numero uno priority for a restful night’s sleep! A study done by the Sleep Health Foundation* found that not only can extended use of technology affect your body clock, but that using technology in the hour before bed results in a less satisfactory sleep. Here is the easiest (yet for some, most difficult) tip – let your phone sit/charge away from your bed so that if for any reason you need to get up to check it you have to literally get out of bed. This will stop you from that one extra scroll that turns into a 3-hour TikTok hole, that leaves you with nothing but regrets. Or if you’re like me … late night online shopping that you really don’t need. I also find this helps with getting out of bed in the morning, as to turn your alarm off you have to get out of bed so that’s the most difficult task of the day done!

Give it a try and then report back – this one simple trick was a total game changer for me!


Keep it routine 

If you’re anything like me you’ll thrive on daily rituals, and I find this helps me to switch off and get in the zone to go to sleep. Never, ever, skip your evening skincare routine. Whether you do it early in the evening or just before you go to bed, try to keep it around the same time each night so that your body gets in a rhythm and knows what to expect next.

Whether your routine is a simple face wash, or (like me) a 10-step process that leaves you looking like a glazed donut, find the time to enjoy it and unwind during the process. This is also a good time to leave your phone behind to start adjusting your eyes to relax.

Now you have all the tips you need … Buonnanotte!

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