Jun 10

AMPR Knows…What TikTok made me try

By Kathryn McLean

Something that really surprised me about lockdown was that I fell in love with TikTok. Despite not being born in the 00s, I can spend hours a day swiping through trending dances, beauty reviews, cleaning hacks and dogs doing the cutest things.

Here are some things that TikTok has convinced me to try.


I have fair skin and don’t tan but it wasn’t until I became an honorary member of #SkinTok that I realised the importance of sunscreen. Every TikToker, including derms, will tell you that sunscreen is the most important part of a beauty regime, particularly to help with the effects of ageing. Anything to stop a few more lines! I’ve tried Ultra Violette, Bondi Sands, ASAP, Paula’s Choice and MECCA, and now wear it every day, religiously.


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Garlic Ramen

Coiled “TikTok Ramen” is a flavourful boil of instant noodle ramen with deliciously buttery, garlicky, spicy and salty sauce. I gave this recipe a try one cold Sunday night and it did not disappoint. It’s saucy and full of umami. Check out a recipe here.

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a Chinese medicine technique that dates back to the Tang Dynasty that is currently blowing up TikTok. Gua sha uses an angled tool to rub the skin in long strokes to promote blood flow. For many, they claim it’s like having a mini facelift. I’ve just started on my gua sha journey but watch this space.


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Melbourne Restaurants

TikTok is now an incredible place for discovering new things and places to eat. One local restaurant that I saw on TikTok is Panda Hot Pot in Carlton. For those Melburnians that remember the cabaret restaurant Dracula’s, Panda Hot Pot has moved into that building and done a complete renovation. It’s like stepping into a film set. There’s a huge, suspended dragon, spicy soup, tasty food and theatre – what more could you want!


I’ve now taken my first step in investing thanks to TikTok. I’m pretty risk adverse with money so micro-investing, in small portions of $5-$10, is where I’ve started. I’m currently using the app Spaceship and hope to graduate to big-girl investing soon, or even crypto-currency.

Thanks for reading and I wish you luck, good food and amazing skin, on your TikTok adventure.

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