May 26

AMPR Knows…Why relationships in PR are so important

By Jessie Firmstone

If you’ve been exposed to the PR industry, I’m almost certain you would have heard how important building ‘relationships’ are with industry contacts like fellow peers, press, talent managers, influencers and most importantly, clients.

Strong, authentic relationships in each of these areas is key to working efficiently in the industry and are essential in producing successful PR campaigns, so let’s delve into why!


The Client

The reason why we are here in the first place; having a strong and genuine relationship with your client is key to creating a successful campaign. This collaborative partnership is built on trust and clear communication. Without this foundation, the execution of great work simply can’t be achieved. From clear briefings to trusting each other’s ideas, it all stems from an authentic bond that we’re in it together to achieve the best results that make an impact.


Talent Managers

We are constantly working with talent managers to engage various celebrities, personalities, models and influencers, so it’s imperative to have strong relationships to make your last-minute 4.54pm on a Thursday request possible. Having a professional friendship benefits both of us – we often call upon talent managers to see who can help us out with reaching our influencer KPIs, and likewise, they can call upon us to keep their new suite of talent in mind for future PR props, getting their talent’s names in front of our clients and the press.



The name says it all, working with the right influencer for the right campaign elevates your brand and inspires sales. It is super common for clients to work with the same influencers time and time again, so building a relationship with them makes the process run seamlessly. Influencers are brand ambassadors and communicators in their own right and can be incorporated into multiple campaigns across various clients, providing more work for both the influencer and the PR; so, developing a strong connection based on trust and respect will benefit for the long-run.



In the world of PR and media, the two industries go hand-in-hand and you’ll find the two in contact with one another not just every day, but every hour. You’ll find the two chatting on the regular, PRs pitching the ultimate story and media reaching out to see what’s new, noteworthy or fits within their feature briefs. When it comes to executing a brand campaign, having an established relationship with journalists across various fields and specialties will help to secure your client’s desired media results.



Your sounding board and the people you can talk to at the end of a long day. Having positive relationships with your team is essential. You can bounce ideas off each other, learn from one another and of course a huge bonus is that you can count on each other’s relationships when needed! A strong team with a powerful network results in brand campaigns full of magic!

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