Alannah Hill

15 . 03 . 2013


With stronger sense of styling and modern draping made for a woman who doesn’t want to reveal her hidden secrets, the Alannah Hill Autumn Winter collection is designed to give any girl the shine, confidence and allure she deserves.

Inspired by Alannah’s adventures of New York City the collection brings together bejewelled eveningwear, luxe leather, metallic knitwear, woollen coats and dresses for the princess of the night who has a melancholic edge but lives on the wild side.

Winter is taken to a new level of luxury with velvet, cashmere and wool tweeds creating the perfect winter coats. The collection stays true to Alannah Hill’s ladylike chic, however, brings a modern romance to the classic style with a rich colour palette of blood reds and jewel greens.

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