19 . 09 . 2012


AMPR is excited to announce the latest denim label – RES Denim – is now in our showroom!

Bradmill, the iconic Australian denim manufacturer has launched their very first in-house label RES Denim and its set to impress the pants off any denim lover. Engineered locally, RES Denim is the fusion of intelligent design, quality fabrication and directional denim that is accessible to all who are daring enough to interpret it into their own style.

RES Denim is far from boring with their tongue-in-cheek style names including ‘Trash queen Skinny’, ‘Dead or Alive Chaps’ and ‘High n’ Tight’ shorts that are true to their name. Paired with personality-plus prints such as ‘Technicolour Serpent’ ‘White Line Fever’ and ‘Tobasco Kiss’ – RES Denim is going places others won’t.

Available now from selected boutiques and online stores across Australia and New Zealand.

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