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AMPR Knows. . . Connecting to Your Audience on Social Media

Written by, Andie Towner


If you want to effectively communicate with your target audience, you must be one among them.

Mark Schaefer’s blog is one of the top marketing blogs in the world. He writes about what consumers want, how they discover products, how they interact, how they share, and what they expect from companies. In this blog post, he introduces the idea of how brands can successfully engage with their audiences, by being relatable, communicative and conversational.

As a Content and Social Marketer, Mark’s approach changed my thinking about every social media post I had ever uploaded and got me thinking about how our audience connects with content. It also had me thinking, how do I like to connect?

When social media was first used as a marketing opportunity, marketers were focused on the conversations and the audience. Now, companies use social media as a shortcut to create mass audiences who aren’t connecting with their brand, and that has taken the “social” out of “social media”. These days, marketers have become more concerned with the follower count rather than the engagement and connection they get with the audience. It has become just another platform to repurpose ads or use influencers.

I’ve come to realise that acting like a human being on social, WORKS. Being relatable and being a friend to your followers means that they will more easily connect back with you and your brand. The business of social is all about relationship building. Social media allows service-based businesses to develop relationships with potential clients and customers, and to strengthen relationships with existing clients and customers. Mark has shared that the only fool-proof method to succeed in social media is to ‘be more human‘ and ‘If we can be real, genuine and helpful to other human beings, no matter what surprise is thrown at us by technology and innovation, as marketers, we can succeed in serving our customers’.

One of the most documented and blogged about social media success stories of recent times is by make-up company Glossier. The beauty brand was founded in 2014 by former Vogue staffer, Emily Weiss. Glossier has 2.4 million followers. Glossier consistently interacts with its audience on Instagram and brings them together. This is how they’re nailing it in the Instagram game and how they’re connecting to their customer:

  1. They have a “Top 5” Instagram Story Highlight, for example, Glossier reposts five of the top posts that the brand has been tagged in for the week, then it reposts each to its Stories feed.
  2. They are authentic and repost down-to-earth photos their audience can relate to – like mirror selfies, non-filtered images, and their captions read as if they’re speaking to a friend.
  3. For one successful product launch they didn’t use traditional influencers or models, instead, the brand chose to gift their product to 500 fans (those who had previously bought products or were highly engaged with the brand on social media).
  4. They don’t just expect followers to engage with them, they explicitly ask them to. They ask their audience what products they’d like to see and take them through the creation process of a new product.
  5. Glossier knows that social media is a two-way street. They make it a point to respond back to their followers and often comment back with compliments and answering questions on all of their social media platforms.

The Takeaway: Be more human

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