Jul 17

AMPR Knows…Five Tips To Nailing Your First Week On The Job

Written by Abbey Hudson

Starting a new job is always daunting, whether you’ve landed your first job out of university, changed companies, or landed a promotion. It is easy to forget that everyone in your workplace has been in your shoes at some point in their careers.

Your first week will go super quickly, so try and enjoy the experience as much as you can! As a new employee at AMPR myself, here are my five tips to nailing your first week on the job.


1. Ask LOTS of questions

Never shy away from asking questions and remember, no question is a silly one. Asking lots of questions is an important step when learning a new job, especially to understand the context of the task you are completing. Taking the initiative to find out more information shows your colleagues you are eager to learn.


2. Be a sponge

The first week at a new job always involves trying to absorb a lot of direction and information. It is important to pay attention to your company’s culture, and learn how your new colleagues work and interact. Often the most crucial info is presented to you in the first few days of your new role! As your brain is going into overload, write everything down and refer to them in the weeks and months to come!


3. Buddy Up with your colleagues

As well as trying to get a grasp on your role, it is important to get to know your new colleagues. After all, you spend more time at work than anywhere else and your colleagues can become your second family! It is always great to have an experienced, knowledgeable professional who can help point you in the right direction. Buddy up with someone who can act as your mentor – for your first week, and beyond.


4. Research your clients 

Understanding who your clients are, and their previous work helps understand the scope of their business. Start with researching past campaigns, business model, check out their website, social media presence, or any relevant information that your workplace can provide. Gaining some background knowledge on your client, will help you feel more prepared before beginning tasks, or sitting in on a meeting. You may even impress them with a piece of information you’ve learned that will be relevant for a new idea or way of doing things.


5. Lend a hand in the office

If you are light on work, or see someone in the office needing help, always offer to lend a hand. This shows initiative and helps build a rapport with your new colleagues. Putting your hand up to work at an event is also a great way to network within the industry and enables your colleagues to get to know you better.


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