Jan 31

Melbourne Racing Club | Caulfield Cup Carnival

AMPR was proud to again deliver a successful 2018 Stella Artois Caulfield Cup Carnival campaign with the Melbourne Racing Club.

The campaign began with a celebration of the release of the 2018 Caulfield Cup Carnival Early Bird Ticket Sales where the Melbourne Racing Club hosted a Media Famil in Malibu in May, with international and Australian VIP guests such as Renee Bargh. Natalie Roser, Jason Dundas, Kassandra Clementi and Tamin Sursock and key Australian Media.

Leading up to the highly anticipated October race days, AMPR rolled out a carefully considered PR strategy to secure print, online, social and broadcast coverage through assigning relevant ambassadors and crafting news angles.

Celebrities engaged for the 2018 Stella Artois Caulfield Cup Carnival included Malibu local and celebrity hat maker Nick Fouquet, Australian international model Jess Hart, AFLW glamour couple Moana Hope & Bella Carlstrom, lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur Lindy Rama-Ellis and stylist Rebecca James.