21 June 2023

The Fashion Team’s Four Favourite Trends Right Now

By Katelyn Kalafatis

This Winter, we’re reintroducing the cyclical trends that are making the rounds and welcoming them back into our hearts and wardrobes.

The versatile heroes loved by the greater AMPR team and fashion enthusiasts alike are easily dressed up, dressed down and are suitable for any occasion. Take a look at our 4 next and best stylish investments, worth every penny in the paycheque.

1. Statement Sneakers 

Choosing your perfect pair of kicks is no easy feat. And a statement sneaker is bound to become the next go-to staple that takes you through your working week. 

As much as we all have our own unique sense of style, we also love to jump on the trends at here AMPR, so don’t be surprised if you see an office full of women in their classic, colourful suedes.

No matter the brand, remember, seeking comfort and style doesn’t mean sacrificing your set budget. Some of the most popular sneakers bought throughout history live in double-digits territory.  

2. Bomber Jackets

Thanks to the likes of Hailey Bieber, we’re not only fighting the temptation of taking a perfectly good pair of scissors to our hair, but we’re also on the hunt for the perfect, oversized bomber jacket. 

Why? first of all, bomber jackets have proven to make any outfit more cool. No matter the makeup, whether it be leather, woolen or waterproof – any bomber is bound to elevate your outfit.  

Personally, we’re big fans of the bombers that are on the boxy side, allowing for lots and lots of layers. Styled with jeans or thrown over a dress – the bomber jacket is our new outerwear staple preparing us for the cooler months ahead.

Image via Vogue
Image via Elle

3. Denim Maxi Skirts

There’s no denying it, denim is a staple for every season. And this year, we saw the denim maxi skirt take over.

After some hesitation and a little resistance to change, the fashion team at AMPR have decided we are in fact hooked on the trend and are now searching for the next best seamstress to DIY our dad jeans, and make them into our perfect denim skirt. 

We know, the fashion industry will forever be obsessed with restitching denim so there’s a new trendy way for it to be worn. But let’s just say, we we’d love for this era to linger a little longer. 

4. Silver 

As a self-proclaimed gold jewellery girly, it’s hard to admit that silver is in right now. 

So, what was the catalyst for this trend? And why am I only just now noticing its return? 

Well, other than the viral Bottega Veneta drop earrings that seriously helped catapult silver jewellery back into popularity – both the Spring/Summer 2023 and Fall/Winter 2023 runways also heavily featured the high-shine metal. 

Whether you favour your staple silver earrings over a Tiktok-famous silver pair of pants, there is no doubt the trend is taking the fashion world by storm, and we’re hopping on the bandwagon..

Image via British Vogue
Image via Vogue

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