Sep 22

AMPR Knows…How To Make Friends In A New City

By Annalyse Woodgate  I’m from Tasmania, The Apple Isle. It was a great place to grow up. Beautiful people, diverse landscapes, arguably the most incredible beaches in the world, beaches you can only swim at seven days of the year without getting hypothermia but, serene and mostly untouched.     View this post on Instagram   A... read more →
Sep 15
Sep 09
Aug 26


No matter what Spring Racing looks like this year, fashion is always a big part of celebrations, with each year bringing a new season of fashion trends. Following some amazing new pop culture releases, and our ever-present obsession with watching what our favourite celebrities are wearing on social media, see... read more →
Aug 17
Aug 11

AMPR knows… Our Favourite Collaborations

By Bridget Halpin   Keeping up to date on new industry tools, the media landscape, major events and brand competitors is extremely important in the PR industry and over the years, we have both seen and had the privilege of working on some pretty incredible designer collaborations. When two brands... read more →
Aug 03
Jul 28
Jul 22

AMPR Knows…Podcasts: our top 15 listens

By Chey Myers If you need some positive reinforcement when it comes to personal development, the dish on the latest celeb gossip or scandals, tips and tricks for personal finances, or just a great laugh (or cry!), the below podcasts will get you through your daily walk, work commute, chores... read more →